The Seventh Scroll – Wilbur Smith

Title: The Seventh Scroll
Author: Wilbur Smith
Series: The River God – the Seventh Scroll – the Warlock


“Noted Egyptologist Royan Al Simma escapes an attempt on her life, but her husband, Duraid, is not so lucky. This husband-and-wife archaeological team was immersed in unraveling the secrets of the “seventh scroll.” Written in a type of shorthand, the scroll dates back to the Hyksos invasion of Egypt and was recently discovered in the tomb of Queen Lostris, whose story is told in Smith’s River God (St. Martin’s, 1994). Grieving over the loss of her husband, Royan engages Sir Nicholas Quenton-Harper, a wealthy English collector, to assist her in completing the work she and Duraid had begun by locating the tomb of Pharaoh Mamose the Eighth, husband of Lostris. Through collective teamwork, Royan and Nicholas travel to Ethiopia, at great peril to themselves, as they try to uncover a 4000-year-old secret.”

Do you like Indiana Jones? Do you like archaeology? Do you like secret ancient book that leads to a treasure? Do you like lots of actions, neck breaking chases, code breaking analyses, explosion, shooting, romance and quite a bit of blood? If your answer is yes, you’ve found the right book.

Thousands of years ago, Taita the Egyptian hided a number of scrolls in a secret hiding place. Modern time, the scrolls have been found. The seventh scroll proves to be the most interesting, because it might contain the key to the ancient treasure of a pharaoh. To get the scroll and the break the code, people are ready to kill. But only the people with a clever head, a good heart and a good cause (or may be not) can find the secrets and survive the traps.. Throwing into this roller-coaster of Indiana Jones type of adventure is the sweet romance between a half Egyptian half British female archaeologist and a rich British treasure-seeking nobleman.. You got the picture!

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