The Secret Supper – Javier Sierra

Title: The Secret Supper
Author: Javier Sierra

“Milan 1497, Father Agostino Leyre, a Dominican inquisitor and expert of secret messages, is sent by Pope Alexander VI to investigate anonymous letters warning of heresy in that city. Furthermore, the painter Leonardo Da Vinci may be involved, as his latest work-in-progress is filled with questionable elements. The Holy Grail and the Eucharistic Bread are missing, Jesus and the apostles, shockingly, are depicted without their halo of sanctity, and Leonardo has painted himself into the scene with his back to Jesus.”

For those who like Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and other similar secret riddles, secret societies, fast paced thrillers, will like this historical thriller about Da Vinci and his famous painting: “the Secret Supper”. Along the book, readers will encounter the terrors of the inquisitors, monasteries, secret groups, and Leonardo himself..


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