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Can You Keep A Secret? – Sophie Kinsella

This is one of the strange Chick Lit where you can laugh and cry so much for almost no particular reason. And it is great, just simply great.

Already a white-knuckle flyer, Emma goes to pieces when her flight from Glasgow to London encounters severe turbulence. Thinking the end is near, she spills every secret she has ever had to the stranger next to her. How she lost her virginity, what she really thinks of her boyfriend, the petty stunts she pulls on co-workers, the way she killed her parents’ goldfish while they were on vacation and replaced it without their knowledge, her deepest thoughts on g-strings, cousins, Charles Dickens, and more. When the plane miraculously lands, Emma is thankful she will never again see this man who knows every little secret of her life.

Emma returns to her job as a junior marketing executive and as she attempts to climb the corporate ladder, every embarrassing secret of her life is exposed. How Emma combats this public humiliation and discovers another person’s secret makes for a rollicking good read.

One minute you laughed over how terribly unlucky Emma’s date was, the next minute, tears were running down because Emma was totally humiliated and hurt with all her secrets’ out of the bag. Sophie Kinsella has this witty writing and although the situations sometimes bothers ridiculous, the way Kinsella handles them makes it really hillarious and heart-warming.

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