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Firebird – Michael Asher

Title: Firebird
Author: Michael Asher
Series: Eye of Ra – Firebird

A Ghoul (belong to the class of ghosts, vampires, and other demonic things) has killed a boy in a monastery out in the desert. A year later, a ghoul terrorizes Cairo (Egypt capital city), killing diplomats, and high power figures. The New Milllenium (i.e. year 2000) is approaching with a huge International festival in Cairo on the eve of 2000. The Egyptian Government of course doesn’t want to turn away the tourists. But how about the ghoul and the killings? How to stop the disastrous plan? All the clues that Lieutenant Sami and FBI Agent Daisy Brooke have is the single word: “Firebird” – coming from a dying man. What does Firebird (i.e. Phoenix) mean? Why did the famous Dr Ibram choose this curious phrase as his dying word? What is so important about the firebird that a ghoul appears, people are killed and secrets tribes and organizations resurface? If the firebird can’t be stopped, the consequence is terrible, maybe the armageddon is not very far from the truth.

Michael Asher has woven into the stories lots of mysteries: the secret Sanusiya Brotherhood, M-16, Area 51, Ancient Egypt, Cambyses’ armies, the list goes on and on.. The story is very fast paced with lots of actions and dangers. You will be hooked until the end of the story. I myself like this story very much because it involves many elements of science and mythology that I love.. Especially the biggest nasty secret behind all these weird events..