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Nhật ký Anne Frank (The Diary of A Young Girl) – Anne Frank

Title: The Diary of A Young Girl
Author: Anne Frank

Anne Frank was one of the jewish girl who lived during the world war II. To avoid the concentration camp, Anne and her family and their friends were hiding in the attic of a building. During these long scary hiding nights, Anne wrote her diary, in which she told tales about their daily hiding life, the quarrels, the scare and her first romantic love with Peter, a boy who was hiding with them. Through the diary, readers can get a glimpse of the life of Jews during the bloody heartless WWII. But more than that, Anne’s story is the story of courage and hope – although their life were hanging on a thin thread, Anne always adopted a hopeful and optimistic view of life.

Sadly, nearly the end of the bloody war, Anne and her family and friends were betrayed and captured. According to research, all of them, except Anne’s father, died either in the gas room, or out of hunger, hard work and illness.

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