Edge of Reason (Bridget Jones’ Diary 2) – Helen Fielding

English Title: Bridget Jones’ Diary 2 Edge of Reason
Tiếng Việt: Nhật Ký Tiểu Thư Jones
Author: Helen Fielding
Series: Bridget Jones’ Diary (part 1) – Edge of Reason (Part 2)


Nàng Bridget Jones đã có người yêu, chàng luật sư Mark Darcy tài ba. Vấn đề là nàng có giữ được người yêu hay chăng? Chuyện gì xảy ra với nàng và Mark trong một năm tiếp theo? Tại sao nàng Jones bị giam ở nhà tù Thái Lan? Ai sẽ cứu nàng ra? Mời độc giả hãy tiếp tục cuộc hành trình thú vị đầy hài hước của nàng Jones và chàng Darcy qua phần 2 của bộ truyện Bridget Jones’ Diary.

1 Happily Ever After
 Monday 27 January

9st 3 (total fat groove), boyfriends 1 (hurrah!), shags 3 (hurrah!), calories 2, 100, calories used up by shags 600, so total calories 1,500 (exemplary).
7.15 a.m. Hurrah! The wilderness years are over. For four weeks and five days now have been in functional relationship with adult male thereby proving am not love pariah as previously feared. Feel marvellous, rather like Jemima Goldsmith or similar radiant newlywed opening cancer hospital in veil while everyone imagines her in bed with Imran Khan. Ooh. Mark Darcy just moved. Maybe he will wake up and talk to me about my opinions.
7.30 a.m. Mark Darcy has not woken up. I know, will get up and make him fantastic fried breakfast with sausages, scrambled eggs and mushrooms or maybe Eggs Benedict or Florentine.
7.31 a.m. Depending what Eggs Benedict or Florentine actually are.
7.32 a.m. Except do not have any mushrooms or sausages.
7.33 a.m. Or eggs.
7.34 a.m. Or – come to think of it – milk.
7.35 a.m. still has not woken up. Mmmm. He is lovely. Love looking at Him asleep. V. sexy broad shoulders and hairy chest. Not that sex object or anything. Interested in brain. Mmmm.
7.37 a.m. Still has not woken up. Must not make noise, realize, but maybe could wake Him subtly by thought vibes.
7.40 a.m. Maybe will put … GAAAAAH!
7.50 a.m. Was Mark Darcy sitting bolt upright yelling, “Bridget, will you stop. Bloody. Staring at me when I am asleep. Go find something to do.”


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